VR Gaming Centre

At Viking's Landing, we feel that people of all ages deserve to have fun!  Our virtual reality experiences will bring smiles and laughter to kids and adults alike.  Whether you are looking for a fun outing, or wanting to try something new, our family entertainment centre has something for everyone!  In our Citadel we offer 30-minute virtual reality gaming experiences for $19.99 per person as well as one-hour experiences for $29.99 per person.  We have 5 rooms to accommodate your needs.  Only one individual is permitted in the room per experience.

We’ve gone to great lengths to ensure that your VR experience at Viking’s Landing meets your expectations.  We have made every decision as though we were clients ourselves and that’s important because paying attention to what our valued clients are asking for and wanting, is a key differentiator.


Preview our experiences below and check out some of the things that we took into consideration based on feedback that we received.








Check out our tutorial on how to use Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality Arcade

We have spent numerous hours reaching a product that was going to bring you a quality experience and that’s why we decided on partnering with HTC.  Their industry leading headsets are comfortable and will provide you with an enhanced VR experience


We have decided that it was worth the financial commitment to invest in our own dedicated internet connection.  We feel this is important to you, our clients, because you won’t be affected by a “shared” internet connection with other business in the area.  By having a dedicated connection directly into our premises, this should provide you with a consistent experience


We have also gone to great lengths to build a gaming hardware system that exceeds the minimum requirements.  What does that mean for you? It means a financial investment on our part to upgrade our hardware to again, provide you with a consistent, high end experience.


It’s one thing to provide a gaming experience where battling zombies is the main goal but it’s another thing to experience VR at Viking’s Landing.  We have many experiences that offer our clients a wide range of options regardless of your age or skill level. You can conquer Mount Everest and learn about human anatomy but if battling zombies is your thing, we have that too!