How we are supporting Local

We have been very fortunate to meet so many great individuals during the past little while and many of them have such a fantastic story to tell.  Some of those stories are inspirational and motivational and some of them are absolutely amazing on many levels however, the one common theme is that it is their story.  It’s unique to them and makes them who they are.


As we were looking to expand our snack and drink menu, we were looking for true partners who wanted to work together so what we decided to do is highlight some of those partners here.  Supported local is very important and in our small way, this is how we are supporting local.

Our Founder, Len Almeida had the pleasure of meeting Emily who is the Founder of Comeback Snacks and if you have been following us for awhile, you will know how the Finnish concept of Sisu is at our core.  Emily is Sisu and so much more and we couldn’t be more excited to support her through her tasty snacks.  Here’s a little bit of information on Comeback Snacks and feel free to click on the link to learn more: 

Escarpment Kombucha bottles.jpg

Our founder Len came across Escarpment Kombucha by accident and he’s happy he did because it’s an excellent drink.  Len reached out to Escarpment Kombucha and one of their founders Andrew, came by and visited Len at Viking’s Landing.  During that meeting Andrew educated Len on what Kombucha is and how he creates this amazing drink.  We are very proud to partner with Escarpment Kombucha and we know our clients will be very pleased with the quality and value it provides.  To learn more about them, you can visit their website here:

Len met the founder Tania while purchase some Comeback Snack popcorn and what a pleasant and educational experience it was.  Their product is reasonable priced and very tasty and we are pleased to be offering it to our clients.  You can learn about them here:

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Platter Company image1.jpg

Just prior to Viking’s Landing opening, Len had the pleasure of meeting the founder of The Platter Company Jacqui and one thing that stood out to him was her passion for what she does.  Her energy and positive attitude is exactly what he was looking for when a partner who can help with catering to large groups.  You can find more information on The Platter Company here: 

Jeff, the founder of Millennium Signatures is one of the very first people Len met when he decided to open Viking’s Landing.  Jeff has always been tremendously supportive of our venture and as you scroll through our social media feeds, you’ll see some of the work he has done including helping us prepare for a visit by CHCH Morning Live.  You can learn more about Millennium Signatures here:

Millennium Signatures image1.jpg
more cookie image1.jpg

Len met Moore Cookie at a Chamber meeting and when we decided to expand our snack menu, Moore Cookie was a perfect fit.  Healthy and nutritious is what we wanted to provide our clients and we are happy to partner them.  You can learn more about them by visiting their website here: