Safety has always been a top priority at Viking’s Landing.  We take great pride in guiding our clients through our safety precautions, and with the current situation we all find ourselves in, new health and hygiene measures will allow us to control the spread of COVID-19 within our establishment. At over 4,000 square feet, clients can rest assured there will be plenty of space to properly follow physical distancing measures.  We have also reduced our booking capacity from 30 guests to 25 consisting of 20 guests in our axe throwing lounge and 5 in our VR center.  The reduced capacity will create a safe, comfortable, and more intimate experience for our clients.  We are also implementing more rigorous sanitization procedures for our entire facility, which staff will complete on a frequent basis.  Axes, VR headsets and other equipment will be thoroughly sanitized immediately after each use.  In fact, our VR headsets have been modified to allow for more thorough disinfecting procedures and to provide an extra barrier between the headsets and our clients skin.  Clients can take comfort in knowing staff members are screened before every shift (with a mandatory temperature check), required to wear masks at all times and must wash their hands at least every 30 minutes.  Any staff members who feel unwell or who have come into contact with someone who shows symptoms of COVID-19 will be required to stay home and self-isolate.  Masks and a temperature check with a non-contact thermometer will be required for all clients upon entry. Hand sanitizer will be available for any clients who are interested, and gloves are strongly encouraged.  We cannot wait to see you all for some safe fun!


At over 4,000 square feet, clients can rest assured there will be plenty of space to properly physically distance themselves.

We've always

been physical


Remember to stay a minimum of 2

meters apart from each other

Keep your axe clean by disinfecting it

before and after each use.

Keep your VR equipment clean by

disinfecting it before and after each

use and wear a protective mask.


Viking's Landing

Gel Hand Sanitizer

At Viking's Landing, your health and safety has always been a high priority for us and that's why we are introducing hand sanitizer to our product list.  Our hand sanitizer has been government approved and is a 70% topical solution.