Virtual Reality is more than just gaming

When I say virtual reality, what comes to mind? Is it battling zombies? Maybe it’s protecting a village against the bad guys. Or maybe, just maybe its an opportunity to explore the world like you’ve never seen before.

When I introduced Virtual Reality to what we offer at Viking’s Landing it was with the goal of providing clients with an opportunity to experience something that they may never be able to experience. Don’t get me wrong, if a client would like to take on Zombies in the streets of Arizona, we can provide that to them. However, if a client wants to explore the majestic sights and sounds of the Ocean, then I want to be able to provide them with that opportunity. Or if they want to feel what it’s like to scale Mount Everest and be at base camp, well, we have that as well. Learning and seeing Stonehenge? Yup, got that too. How about being able to enter the human blood stream and learn about body cells, organs and the like? It’s a pretty cool experience to be honest and we have that for you.

Another aspect of Virtual Reality that attracted me was the ability for an individual to get a good workout in without having to go to a gym. I’m not a gym “guy”. I’m actually not much of a workout person at all to be honest however, I like to play sports and be somewhat active. At Viking’s Landing, we set up our systems so that clients can get a quick work out in before work, during work or after work. One of our more popular workout experiences is a boxing class with an instructor. How cool is that? We also have a shower at Viking’s Landing if you wanted to freshen up before heading back to the office.

The world of Virtual Reality provides so many opportunities and we haven’t even touched the proverbial tip of the iceberg yet. I’m very excited to see what lies ahead and what other experiences will come to market.

So, if you or your family ever want to scale Mount Everest or learn about the human body, come by Viking’s Landing and we’ll make sure your time is well worth it.

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