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The Power of Human Connection

When was the last time you felt truly seen, heard and understood by someone in

your life?

In an age when dating consists largely of swiping through profiles and friendships

are often centred around text messages and emojis, genuine human moments seem

to be rarer than they were in the past. Sometimes, it can feel as though we’ve lost

the human connection that’s supposed to be at the heart of the relationships in our


Sure, a text message can make you smile. In fact, various studies have shown that

receiving text messages and social media notifications triggers a release of the brain

chemical dopamine, which contributes to temporary feelings of pleasure and


But if words on a screen can make you feel good, think about how much those

feelings are amplified when that conversation is combined with eye contact, body

language and physical touch. No amount of texts, emails or tweets can replicate the

endorphins that come with a genuine face-to-face encounter. Sharing a laugh with

someone or having the kind of deep conversation where you’re able to truly express

yourself and relate to someone else can have a profound impact on your mood and

your relationship.

Humans are inherently social by nature. Research from Stanford University shows

that social connection can actually improve your physical health as well as your

mental and emotional wellbeing.

Although it can be easy to fall into a routine of working and living your life without a

lot of meaningful social interaction, it’s important to remember the many benefits of

connecting with others on a regular basis. And it doesn’t need to be an intimate or

romantic connection to have a positive effect.

Consider the feeling you get when you’re at a sporting event where everyone

around you is cheering for the same team as you. Suddenly you share a connection

with all of these strangers around you. Watching the event on TV doesn’t elicit

nearly the same sense of belonging.

Actually participating in a sport, even if it’s just an occasional game with friends, can

enable you to connect with those around you on an even greater level. The

endorphins released from physical activity combined with the elation triggered by

cheering on your teammates and sharing victories can have a powerful, uplifting

effect. Spending an afternoon or an evening at Viking’s Landing, Burlington’s

premier axe-throwing facility and virtual reality arcade, is the perfect way to engage

in some fun physical activity while connecting with the people in your life.

Life is short. By sharing experiences with people you enjoy spending time with, you

can make every adventure even more meaningful.

To book your visit to Viking’s Landing, visit VikingsLanding.ca.

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