Is Virtual Reality Safe?

Imagine being engulfed in the bluffs of Mount Everest or the towering skylines of New York City in the comfort of your own home.

That can’t be possible… right?

Virtual reality (VR) is an upcoming trend that has younger generations talking. The innovative technologies throughout the digital age are constantly changing, improving, and most importantly, becoming as realistic as our everyday lives.

At Viking’s Landing, we offer guests the virtual reality arcade of a lifetime. Individuals of all ages are able to experience the thrill and excitement of being immersed in the world of virtual reality.

Whether you’re interested in action, adventure, education, sports, travel, or more; Viking’s Landing has proudly partnered with HTC to create a VR product that provides a comfortable, quality virtual reality experience for all users, every single time.

Viking’s Landing will ensure that our virtual reality experience surpasses your expectations, so what’re you waiting for?

Choose an adventure of your liking and reserve a room in our Citadel at Viking’s Landing today!

Are Virtual Reality Headsets Safe?

Despite what people may believe when they first introduce themselves to the idea of virtual reality, virtual reality holds minimal to no risks to the health of individuals.

The surgical field and various medical schools across the nation have adopted virtual reality technologies in order to better train and teach the next generation of healers and surgeons.

Other industries such as; education, armed forces, construction, telecoms and business have equally welcomed virtual reality technology as well. This goes to prove that the innovations embedded in VR are far more beneficial to our health than detrimental.

Virtual reality headsets are becoming increasingly mainstream in today’s world. The immersive experience that allows individuals to be transported to an entirely separate world makes VR headsets seem intimidating, yet exciting.

Although little is known about VR headsets and their lasting effects on individual health, we are confident to say that VR headsets can be used for entertainment as well as education.

Benefits of Virtual Reality:

· Little/no known risk

· Realistic scenarios

· Improves retention and recall

· Suitable for all learning styles

· Safe, controlled area

· Saves time and money

· Simplifies complex problems/solutions

· Innovative yet enjoyable

Whether it is your first or hundredth time experiencing virtual reality, Viking’s Landing is here to create a fun, exciting experience for all ages!

Instead of booking a flight across the ocean to experience the elevations and adventures of the world, save your time and money by doing it all on your own through Viking’s Landing.

Virtual Reality Games

Viking’s Landing offers various virtual reality experiences through their Gaming Centre.


Channel your inner child through Viking’s Landing’s action-filled experiences. If you’re looking for action-packed entertainment, choose from our various options:

· Fruit Ninja

· Spiderman

· Angry Birds

· Zombie Riot

· Snow Fortress

· And more!


Looking for an adventure? Look no further! Climb the highest elevations around the globe through our adventurous virtual realities. Viking’s Landing has so much to offer to daring clients:

· Everest VR

· Escape VR the Basement

· Tower VR

· Mind Labyrinth

· And More!

Art & Design

Get your creative juices flowing through Viking’s Landings’ Art and Design VR experiences! Tilt Brush lets users paint in 3D space through virtual reality. Unleash your creativity with three-dimensional strokes, stars, light, and even fire! Your surrounding space is your canvas and the possibilities are endless.

· Google Tilt Brush


TheBlu is a deeply immersive experience designed as a series of underwater moments in passing. TheBlu is the perfect way to welcome a newcomer to the VR world as it is a relaxing, tranquil experience.

· TheBlu

· The Body

· Great Pyramid

· Earthlight Spacewalk

· And more!


If music runs through your veins, then our offered Musical VR experiences are for you. Whether you’re looking to make your own beats or break a sweat to existing ones, Viking’s Landing will ensure that your VR musical experience is unparalleled.

· Powerbeats VR

· OhShape

· BeatBlaster

· And More!


Viking’s Landing’s VR will surely get you as active as you’d like in ANY sport. Skydive or ski through some of the world’s most fascinating elevations in the comfort of Viking’s Landing’s Gaming Centre!

· Archery

· Skydiving

· Boxing

· Skiing

· Baseball

· Gliding

· And More!

Travel & Exploration

If you’re looking to cure your need for wanderlust but can’t realistically make the time to travel around the world, then our VR Travel & Exploration is the perfect choice for you. Travel around the world via VR without spending even a quarter of what you would in the real world,

· Cessna VR – Flight Stimulator

· Perfect – VR Escapism

· And more!

Viking’s Landing offers the virtual reality experience of a lifetime to individuals of all ages.

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