How Virtual Reality Works

Recently, virtual reality has become more prevalent than ever before! That being said, many people still wonder what virtual reality is and how it works. For starters, virtual reality is an interface that allows the user to immerse themselves in a digital 3D environment. Instead of watching a tv display, you are literally in the middle of whichever game, movie or program you are using with the magic of computer-generated content and imagery. Playing off of your senses (touch, hearing and sight), virtual reality will make you feel as if you are actually there, immersed in another world.

What is Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality (VR) is a technology that was created decades ago but was not commonly used until more recently. Modern advances in virtual reality have just now made it possible to deliver an immersive artificial reality to a user, allowing them to touch, hear and see things as if they are actually there. Virtual reality simulation requires two parts: virtual reality software and a virtual reality device. These items provide realistic, high quality imagery and interaction. VR can be utilized on a variety of devices including desktop computers, head mounted displays and even on your smartphone.

Virtual Reality Headsets

VR headsets utilize LCD displays and lenses that are adjustable to match the distance between your eyes. These lenses reshape the picture from the LCD displays in the headset to create a stereoscopic 3D image, mimicking the way that each of our eyes see the world slightly differently.

How Virtual Reality Works

The main goal of Virtual reality is to trick the brain into thinking that the digital content they are seeing is real. They do this by incorporating head tracking, eye tracking and motion tracking technologies to amplify the user’s experience. Head tracking follows the movement of your head, tracking when you move side to side or look at specific angles. Eye tracking is just that, it tracks the movement of your eyes with an infrared controller while you are immersed in a virtual environment. This allows for a deep, realistic view of your VR surroundings. Lastly, motion tracking is the technology which allows you to move and look around within your virtual reality environment. This is done with a system called 6DoF (six degrees of freedom) that essentially plots your head on an X, Y and Z axis to measure your head’s movements when you move forward, backwards and side to side. Some VR units utilize LEDs that are dotted around the headset to provide 360-degree head tracking. Head tracking technology is best utilized through low latency or our brain will detect the lag during VR environment changes or when we move our head around.

Headphones are also used to add to the immersion of virtual reality. 3D audio gives the wearer the sense that sound is coming from behind them, from the side, or off in the distance. This provides depth while tricking your brain into thinking that the virtual environment is real.

Virtual Reality Technology

Virtual reality technology has a lot of potential for growth and is rapidly evolving. Improvements are being made daily to overcome some of the defects of virtual reality such as clipping and motion sickness. The current market also calls for more affordable VR devices for users so that more people can have access to this amazing technology. As much as this sounds like science fiction, Virtual Reality is no longer a dream. It is rapidly integrating itself into our daily world and is a technology that is here to stay!

VR Experiences at Vikings Landing

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