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How John Tesh introduced me to a Finnish concept and my first tattoo at the same time

If you are of my vintage, you’ll remember John Tesh as Mary Hart’s co-host on Entertainment Tonight. Both John and Mary have moved on to other things now and one of those things is a syndicated radio program that John host’s daily. Can’t remember what it’s called but that’s besides the point.

I don’t remember the exact day of the week but I remember it was in early August 2018. It was later in the evening and I was doing what I normally do at that hour of the night, which isn’t very much to be honest. I just happened to be playing a radio station on my phone through one of those app’s that has multiple stations on it. John Tesh was hosting his show and I wasn’t really paying attention to what he was saying except for one word….Sisu. It peaked my curiosity so I did what I normally do, which is googled it.

In August of 2018, the domain name Viking’s Landing had already been registered. I was in the very early stages of building the website and I already new where Viking’s Landing would call home. But on that August evening, Sisu entered my world and the more I learned about it, the more it resonated with me.

Sisu is a Finnish concept, a way of life. If you’ve heard me talk before or even read our website you will know that there is no direct translation into the English language. Sisu has been passed down from generation to generation for centuries and it can be defined as persistency, determination, purpose, bravery, resiliency, taking action, courage and being resolute in adversity. One step forward, continuous movement. Those words are me at my core really. My life lessons aren’t always easy and they aren’t supposed to be but Sisu is now a part of me, so much so that it’s my first and only tattoo. I look at it every day as a reminder that this is my path in life. This is who I AM!

Everyone has Sisu in them and everyone has Viking’s Landing in them. If you want to connect to your Sisu, give us a visit.

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