Welcome to Last Viking Standing, our online game experience that promises to bring lots of fun and laughs for all ages.


At Viking’s Landing, we have always taken pride in providing our clients with exceptional experiences and now, we get to do that while you are safely in the comfort of your home or remotely.


There are two Last Viking Standing options for your entertainment and you can find more information by scrolling down.

"What a great experience! A warm, friendly, and fun environment... we look forward to coming back. Viking's Landing is such a fantastic local Burlington business to support :) "

- Alexandra M (Local Guide)

"Definitely worth your time, regardless of whether or not you are (or think you will be) good at it. They teach it brilliantly, and it's surprisingly satisfying! I'd recommend it especially to groups; family, friends, or otherwise. "

- Hudson Kessig

"Great energetic team that takes the time to train you. 


They have great Mini Games... 


They are also licensed and carry collective arts beer..  ++++ "

- Vishal P (Local Guide)

"Great experience.... great staff... Would highly recommend... amazing concept  of having a VR experience added to the axe throwing "

- Selwyn Fernandes

"Really great space - perfect combination of offerings for team building/general corporate events. Highly recommend! "

- Lauren Prolas


Our Digital online experience is a perfect event for a fun-filled family evening or team-bonding exercise with a larger group.


Each session lasts approximately 1.5 hours with a variety of interactive games and competitions where everyone will play along. You and your group will log into our private Zoom meeting room and from their, the fun begins.


With over twenty different digital game options, you will pick and choose the games for your group ahead of time and we can always help you select games based on our experience and what clients have enjoyed playing in the past.



Some games will divide you into teams, forcing you to work alongside your opponents. Other competitions will be individual, and it is everyone for themselves.

By the end of the experience, one individual shall be crowned the 'Last Viking Standing'. Bestowed upon the champion will be ultimate bragging rights for all time - or until the next mini competition.


Frequently Asked Questions

How many participants do we need?

The minimum participants required for our Last Viking Standing Digital Online Experience is 4 and the maximum is 32.

What are the system requirments to play?

For Last Viking Standing Digital Online Experience, you will need any smart phone or tablet and a laptop or desktop computer.

How much does this cost?

The Digital Online Experience is $14.99 CAD per person, regardless of group size.

What does the Digital Online Experience look like?

  1. Introduction – agenda, setting objectives, rules, etc
  2. Prepare for friendly battle – team and team captain selection, free for all
  3. Competition – teams will start competing with an eventual winner at the end
  4. Closing ceremony - Final words from event organizer and then a virtual clap to our winner.
  5. Bragging starts.

Can we play by ourselves or are we required to play with other groups?

For the most part, our Digital Online Experience are private events exclusive to you and your group however, we do run an "open house" on Thursday's from 6pm EST to 8pm EST where you will be able to join as an individual and play alongside other participants.