Events & Parties

As part of our ongoing commitment to our clients, Viking's Landing has many activities for you and your group to enjoy.  Young, old, groups, couples or friends - our broad selection of action-packed activities are created to fit the needs of all our guests.  Visit us today and see what we have to offer.

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Axe Throwing

Starting at $ 27.99

1 hour $ 27.99

1.5 hours $ 37.49

What you get!

  • Personal coach to teach you

  • Two private targets

  • Your own table and sitting area

2 hours $ 49.99

Virtual Reality

Starting at $ 19.99

3o minutes $ 19.99

1 hour $ 29.99

What you get!

  • Private Room

  • Can play any game offered

  • Room to Room Multiplayer

Last Viking Standing

Starting at $ 14.99

$ 14.99 per person

Each session- 2 to 3 hours

What you get!

  • 25 different games

  • Minimum 4 maximum 32 participants

Digital Online Experience!


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1 Hour Axe Throwing & 3o Minutes VR $ 41.99

1.5 Hour Axe Throwing & 3o Minutes VR $ 49.99

1 Hour Axe Throwing & 1 Hour VR $ 51.99

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Vikings Landing Perks & Loyalty Program

Introducing our brand new digital loyalty program - the new way to earn rewards on your mobile phone every time you are at Viking's Landing.


How does the Viking's Landing Loyalty program work?

We want to show you a token of our appreciation, so that is why with every experience (Axe Throwing, Virtual Reality, or combination of two) purchased with us, you will get rewarded.


For every experience, you will earn a stamp. Earn 9 stamps and the 10 visit to Viking's Landing is on us. It's that simple. No complicated terms and conditions, no expiry dates. Just download the Stamp Me app from the Google Play Store or Apple Store and scan our QR code to get earning. When you join, you will even receive a free stamp to help you along the way.